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We are here with a thoroughly modern web site to celebrate the achievements of Matthew Boulton who died two hundred years ago in August 1809.

But a modern website is no anachronism; Matthew Boulton was at the leading edge of technology and innovation in his own time.

So here, as a tribute to a great man, we will look at Matthew Boulton, and the Soho Mint; how Mr Boulton fitted into the great scheme of things, how the Mint was established and worked, and what it produced.

The world's first thoroughly modern money.

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After a fairly ‘purple’ period with nothing new, we are pleased to note that additional items are beginning to appear. The website is still very much a work in progress, and more items will be added as they become available! This is a ‘hobby’ site, and not a professional resource. We hope to see you back, soon.

Jean Pierre Droz featured very largely in the early days of the Soho Mint, being seen by Matthew Boulton as both the epitome of what he wanted for the artistic quality of his mint, and at the same time more difficult than a bag of monkeys to control and motivate. A new section offers a little more information about DROZ and Soho’s other foreign Engravers!

The Engravers

A new work bringing together much essential information about our favourite subjects is now available.

‘Matthew Boulton and the Soho Mint - Copper to Customer’ by Dr Sue Tungate was published on 4th December 2020 by Brewin Books. Full details can be found on our new website page. Click HERE to see more!


The story of Christopher Ibberson’s Halfpenny is very nearly no story at all, as no more than a few trial pieces were ever struck. Nonetheless they do exist, and there is a lot of fascinating detail about these, Ibberson, and the George & Blue Boar Inn. Click HERE to go to the latest page in The Tokens section

Ibberson’s Halfpenny