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Soho Library - 18th Century Books

Matthew Boulton was sufficiently interested in the relationship between books and knowledge that he commissioned a design for a new library for Soho House from John Phillp, when the building was extended in 1790. He later used this as a convenient bedroom as his various ailments began to take their toll.


First book in the !8th Century section of the library is Samuel Birchall’s work of 1796: ‘A Descriptive List of the Provincial Copper Coins or Tokens, issued between the years 1786 and 1796, arranged alphabetically.’ The full text of the volume has been digitised by Google Books and is available for download by clicking on Volume 1 above.


Second book in the 18th Century section of the library is James Conder’s 1798 work ‘An Arrangement of Provincial Coins, Tokens and Medalets.’ Unlike Birchall’s catalogue, Conder arranged his listings geographically by County.  Click on Volume 2 above.


The third book is James Keir’s tribute to his fellow Lunatick Thomas Day, published in 1791, and reflecting much of the loss felt by the other members of the Lunar Society following Day’s death from a riding accident at the age of 41 years. Click on Volume 3 above

Birchall's Descriptive List Conder's Provincial Coins Keir on Day

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