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Mintage and Issue Totals


Mintage figures for Boulton's tokens are generally estimated from the weight of copper used, though sometimes the precise numbers are known. Similarly, the mintages for the official copper coinages, and the Bank of England Dollars are known from the official contracts but, for ease of reference, many of these numbers, and the despatch dates from the Mint, are taken from Dr R G Doty's book 'Soho Mint and the Industrialisation of Money.'




The majority of coins and tokens illustrated are from the Editor's collection. Many of the finest illustrations are, however, from coins and tokens now or formerly owned by  Bill McKivor of The Copper Corner, Seattle, Washington, and many thanks are due to Bill for permission to use the illustrations indicated by the symbol shown at the left.

For more information about Boulton’s coinages, go to www.thecoppercorner.com


The Editor’s collection does not extend far into the wide range of Medals issued by Soho over the years. For permission to use illustrations from his stock and archives, identified by the gilt Trafalgar medal, the Editor offers grateful thanks to Tim Millett, of Timothy Millett Ltd, Historic Medals and Works of Art.

For more information, go to: www.historicmedals.com


The Editor does not know to whom the credit belongs for a number of the illustrations indicated by the symbol to the left, and regrets if, unwittingly, any proprieties have been breached. Any information regarding the attribution of these illustrations will be gratefully received.


To contact the author, please use the Contact SohoMint form which can be found by clicking on the life-like portrait on the left.

Notes and Acknowledgements

Apparently, a 1790 Pattern Halfpenny, Reverse, by Droz

Actually, a restrike made by W J Taylor in the second half of the

19th century, from dies and tools bought at the Soho Mint Sale in 1850

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If by inadvertence or oversight, the rights of any copyright holders have been breached, the Editor will do his best to rectify the situation by giving credit where it is due or by removing any copyright item for which permission cannot be granted. Please contact sohomint.info by clicking on the portrait, above left, and giving details. sohomint.info is entirely non-commercial and not-for-profit.