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Soho Library - 21st Century Audio Visual Presentations

Every Age has its characteristic technology. The 18th Century was steam, the 19th Century was mobility, the 20th Century was electricity, and in all probability the 21st Century will be information.

Our website is here to celebrate the achievements of a man who made use of every technology available with enthusiasm. We hope to follow in these worthy footsteps with the technology characteristic of our own time.


We have two presentations to offer, both by Professor George A Selgin, author of the recent work ‘Good Money: Birmingham Button Makers, the Royal Mint, and the Beginnings of Modern Coinage, 1775-1821.

Appropriately, the first is audio and the second visual.

Prof Selgin gives an interview in which he describes in detail the circumstances surrounding the coinage crisis of the end of the 18th Century. With thanks to Prof Selgin, the full interview is available on sohomint.info. Just click on the microphone on the left. The programme runs for around 28 minutes.

The Selgin Interview

The 2009 F. A. Hayek Memorial Lecture was presented by Prof Selgin and recorded at the annual Austrian Scholars Conference, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 14 March 2009. His theme was ‘The Private Supply of Money’ a concept which Boulton might have come to terms with, eventually, if he had never received the Government coining contracts which he so long sought. The presentation covers the coinage crisis and Boulton’s response to it, in great detail. It lasts for approximately 1 hour. Click on the TV on the left

Private Money