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Soho Library - A General Bibliography


January 2011


Merged from bibliographies compiled by Nick Molyneux, George Demidowicz, Rita McLean and  Shena Mason, to whom many thanks are due for permission to use their work.

The General Bibliography is divided into three section: Archives; Articles, Papers and Typecripts; and Books. Each section is homed to its own web page, and within each page the entries are listed alphabetically by the name of the author. Where an author has more than one work listed in a section, the entries are listed chronologically.

If you are uncertain about any aspect, please try using the ‘Search’ function, but note that this will report on the whole website, not just on the Bibliography.


If you are aware of any interesting or useful item which has escaped listing, please let SohoMint know, by use of our Contact Form - a link is provided below.

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