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The Coins - The Rest of the World

The Obverse of a Copper 1 Penny Piece for the Sierra Leone Company

Dated 1791, the year of the foundation of the Company, struck late in 1792


The Bermuda coppers of 1793 have a fascinating history, including the capture of a part of the consignment by the French navy, and today they are highly sought after, commanding impressive prices from collectors of early colonial American coinage. David Vice, and the late Maj Fred Pridmore, have compiled a history of these pieces originally published in 1976, and which is now presented here with the kind permission of Messrs Spink & Son.

Bermuda 1793

Anyone seeking to buy a coin or token relating to Matthew Boulton and Soho Mint will not have to look far to find a ten or twenty Cash piece dated 1808, struck for the East India Company’s Madras Presidency. These coins turn up with great frequency, a fact which is due to thousands of them having been recovered from the wreck of the ‘Admiral Gardner’ an East Indiaman lost on the Goodwin Sands. But how much is known about the wrectk? Click here to read the history of the ship, and its loss.

Admiral Gardner