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Druid Tokens, by Colin Hawker, is a slim volume of 70 pages, but within that compass are the results of a thorough-going research into the Matthew Boulton papers to determine, as precisely as possible, the when and how, and how much, of Boulton’s relationship with Thomas Williams, the ‘despotick sovereign of the copper trade.’ The reader is taken, on a chronological basis, through the joint story of the two business empires, Soho and the Parys Mine Company, with descriptions of the way in which the Mint evolved, and extracts from the correspondences. Much in this book will not be easily found elsewhere.

Druid Tokens

DRUID TOKENS - Eighteenth Century Token Notes from Matthew Boulton’s Letters

By C R Hawker

Published 1996 by Brewin Books.

ISBN 1-85858-082-X