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As he states in his introduction, Peter Thompson has not set out to offer a catalogue of the coins of the East India Company; rather his aim is to provide a rounded picture of how the various coins and coinages, mints and minting standards, fitted into the broader scheme of East India Company operations. The coins struck by Soho, and by the Boulton steam mints supplied to Bombay and Calcutta, form an important part of the numismatic history of the EIC. This account, together with many excellent illustrations, will enable any Boultonista to broaden the scope of their knowledge.

Coins are too often taken out of context, with a consequent loss of relevance; this book corrects that problem in a most interesting and informative way.

East India Company Coins


By Peter R Thompson

Published 2010 by Token Publishing.

ISBN 97 8 1870 192 026