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There seems to be little doubt that Matthew Boulton was greatly interested in his first foray into the coining of copper but, at the same time, he recognised that there must be better, and more profitable, ways of operating a Mint than the inefficient division of labour and production which had characterised the Bencoolen coinage. But, of course, the Soho Mint did not spring into action complete from Boulton’s imagination. Its first incarnation was the result of considerable thought and development, and its resulting deficiencies were highlighted when, after ten years’ service, the entire operating principle of the mint was scrapped, and replaced by something entirely new and different.


The Mint Timeline will list, in chronological order, the principal milestones in the development of the Mint. Subsidiary lists, on individual pages, will list as far as is known the products of the Mint. The first two of these will be for the British and Irish tokens, and the British and Irish regal coinages. Make your choice from the NavBar on the left. The Token Timeline is here, now; the Coin Timeline is coming, soon.

Soho Mint - Timeline

Matthew Boulton’s first coins.

1, 2 and 3 Kepings for the East India Company ‘Factory’ at Bencoolen in Sumatra were struck in 1786 and 1787, but they were not products of Soho Mint. The blanks were made at Soho Manufactory, on the machinery designed for cutting flans for buttons, but were then shipped by canal barge to London, and struck in a traditional, hand operated, press paid for by the EIC.

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