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Soho Library - New & Recent Books
Art of Making Money Boulton's 'Dear Girl' Coinage & Currency Copper to Customer Druid Tokens East India Company Coins Enterprising Industrialist Good Money Les Monnerons Lost Landscape Lunatick Astronomy Matthew Boulton Revolutionary Player Silver Manufactory Soho Mint The Lunar Men The Token Book The World Desires Trafalgar Medal

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The titles in the Library are are intended to suggest suitable further reading, rather than trying to be exhaustive. The following titles have (nearly) all been recently released, and should be available at bookstores and from on-line suppliers. Those books which are out of print can probably be obtained from the second-hand trade without too much difficulty.


A Lost Landscape - Matthew Boulton's Gardens at Soho. Phillada Ballard, Val Loggie, Shena Mason


Druid Tokens - Eighteenth Century Token Notes from Matthew Boulton’s Letters.

C R Hawker


Coinage & Currency in 18th Century Britain. David Dykes


Good Money - Birmingham Button Makers, the Royal Mint, and the Beginnings of Modern Coinage, 1775-1821. George Selgin


Les Monnerons - Histoire D’un Monnayage. Philippe Bouchet


Lunatick Astronomy: The Astronomical Activities of the Lunar Society. Andrew P B Lound


Matthew Boulton. H W Dickinson


Matthew Boulton - A Revolutionary Player. Ed: Malcolm Dick


Matthew Boulton and the Art of Making Money. Eds: Richard Clay, Sue Tungate


Matthew Boulton and the Soho Mint: Copper to Customer. Sue Tungate


Matthew Boulton: Enterprising Industrialist. Eds: Quickenden, Baggott, Dick


Matthew Boulton - Selling what all the world desires. Ed: Shena Mason


Matthew Boulton’s Trafalgar Medal. Sir Nicholas Goodison


The East India Company and its Coins. Peter R Thompson


The Great Silver Manufactory - Matthew Boulton & the Birmingham Silversmiths 1760-1790. Eric Delieb & Michael Roberts


The Hardware Man's Daughter - Matthew Boulton and his 'Dear Girl.' Shena Mason


The Lunar Men - The Friends Who Made The Future. Jenny Uglow


The Soho Mint and the Industrialisation of Money. Richard G Doty


The Token Book. Paul & Bente Withers


Read, and enjoy!

Lost Landscape
Druid Tokens
Good Money
Matthew Boulton
Revolutionary Player
Art of Making Money
Lunatick Astronomy
Les Monnerons
The World Desires
Silver Manufactory
Boulton's 'Dear Girl'
The Lunar Men
Soho Mint
Trafalgar Medal
The Token Book
East India Company Coins
Enterprising Industrialist
Coinage & Currency
Copper to Customer