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Acknowledgements Dr Richard G "Dick" Doty
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Soho Library lists some of the more recent and more important books which deal with Matthew Boulton, Soho, the Manufactory and the Mint. Latest among these is ‘The East India Company and its Coins’ by Peter R Thompson, which looks at the wide world of East India Company coinages, with the contributions of Boulton and Soho included


We have an account by Sue Tungate, with rarely-seen illustrations, of Droz’s Collar, which Boulton believed would allow him to produce totally round coins, but which proved to be too weak and fiddly to use in large scale coin or token production.


Placing the Soho Mint into the context of the Soho complex as a whole has never been easy, since the complete demolition of the buildings in the 1860s. George Demidowicz has researched the relationships between sites and space, and his Reconstruction makes everything clear.


The story of the Monneron Brothers, Merchants of Paris, and their various tokens is a fascinating one. Monnerons Issued! is the detailed account, by Mish Webster, of what they produced, and why. Though not new, Monnerons Banned! follows on naturally, detailing the unpleasant consequences of a decree by the French National Assembly in 1792, a measure aimed specifically at Boulton's tokens for the Monnerons. Both papers are in The Tokens section.


Soho's USPs are listed by Matthew Boulton himself; eleven advantages which his machinery would bring to minting coins for the British Government. This is in The Mint section.


In The Man section, we look at the influence of Boulton's social conscience, with a transcript of the Rules governing the Soho Insurance Society, an early form of unemployment insurance.


'So Nearly Soho' looks at potential coinages which Matthew Boulton and Soho nearly produced. The first of these, alphabetically at least, was a proposed series of coins for Antigua in 1803, while the second article looks at the history of the Barbados Pineapple coins, and the abortive issue of 1791. We also look at how opposition from Thomas Jefferson meant the loss to Boulton of a contract to supply coins to the USA


David Vice and Major Fred Pridmore wrote a piece, some years ago, which appeared in the Numismatic Circular for October 1976, setting out the story behind the Bermuda Pence of 1793, perhaps one of Soho's most popular products - at least with modern collectors! This interesting history can be read anew in 'The Coins.'


An article by D W Dykes looks at the considerable history behind the token halfpence produced at Soho for Mr Croom, of Dundee, and the relationship with the other tokens produced to the order of Mr James Wright...and perhaps not surprisingly, this will be found in 'The Tokens.'


'The Town' provides a flavour of the background and environment which produced not only Boulton but much of the drive, energy and creativity of the industrial revolution. The first paper is by Prof. George Selgin: A Ramble 'Round Old Birmingham looks at a city on its way to becoming the 'workshop of the world.'

The second paper Soho - Birmingham is an article which appeared in The Penny Magazine in September 1835, and which gives a potted history of Soho Manufactory and its manufactures as seen by contemporaries.


A paper given by Dr Richard Doty to the 2007 Congress of the Numismatic Association of Australia gives some of the background to the Industrialisation of Money. The full text appears by kind permission of the NAA and Dr Doty in 'The Mint' section of the site.

Droz's Collar
A Ramble 'Round
Soho - Penny Magazine
The Insurance Society
Soho's USPs
So Nearly Soho!
Bermuda 1793
Mr Croom's Halfpennies
Soho Library
Monnerons Issued!
Monnerons Banned!