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The Principal Building of the Soho Manufactory

photographed shortly before the demolition crews moved

on-site in 1863

Soho Mint - Its Place in the Great Scheme of Things


© Bremner and Orr, based on a drawing by George Demidowicz


The demolition of the Soho Manufactory and Mint buildings in the 1860s has left no trace above ground of any of the parts of the Soho Complex, though the continued existence of Soho House does, at least, provide a reference point to their location. George Demidowicz has spent a considerable amount of time and effort over a considerable number of years researching the site, and has produced a series of plans showing the layout at various dates in Soho's history.

Manufactory CJ.jpg

All this research was put to the test when, in 1996, George Demidowicz invited Time Team to excavate the expected location of the Mint, and part of this was found under back gardens in South Road, a later residential street built over the cleared site.


Mr Demidowicz's plan was brought to life in an axonometric visualisation of what the buildings might actually have looked like. Bremner and Orr, who went on to design the exhibition at Soho house, added the coloration.


The first part of the site to be developed was the Manufactory, construction taking place in the mid 1760s.

But, unfortunately for collectors, the Manufactory, which was engraved, painted, struck and photographed on various occasions during its life, was not the Mint, and there is much less material available to show what this looked like.

The Soho Manufactory and Soho Mint

Click on the image to download a much larger version: c. 4.2MB

Manufactory C2J.jpg

The Soho Manufactory

Click on the image to download a much larger version: c. 2MB

The Mint itself was constructed in 1787 and 1788, and is believed to have produced its first strikings in the summer of 1789 - the Cronebane token half pennies.


sohomint.info would like to thank George Demidowicz for permission to reproduce his plan of the Soho Complex

The Soho Mint

Click on the image to download a much larger version: c. 800KB

Mint CJ.jpg