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The Great Silver Manufactory

During his initial research for this book, Eric Delieb's main interest was focused on the superb silver and Sheffield plate produced by the Boulton and Fothergill partnership. Out of this study, in which he was aided by Michael Roberts of the Birmingham Assay Office, the fascinating story emerges of The Great Silver Manufactory, and the man who founded it - Matthew Boulton, entrepreneur, one of the most unscrupulous (!!!) and extraordinary men in the history of silver.


The resulting book is not only the definitive story of a major British silver factory during its finest period, with a valuable analysis of the works produced, but an absorbing account of its master and the men he employed, and of his partner John Fothergill.


An entire industry grew up whose reputation extended throughout the civilised world. Hitherto unknown facts have been uncovered about the apprentices and journeymen on whose skills this great repuation and success was built.


The Great Silver Manufactory is a landmark in the bibliography of silver: a full account of the Soho factory and an assessment of its producets which will delight all connoisseurs and experts of the long-established craft of silversmithing.

THE GREAT SILVER MANUFACTORY: Matthew Boulton & the Birmingham Silversmiths, 1760-1790

By Eric Delieb & Michael Roberts

Published 1971 by Sudio Vista Publishers