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The Token Book

The Token Book is a priced catalogue of many of the most popular, interesting and significant tokens from the three principal periods of token issuing in the United Kingdom. While not specifically aimed at collectors of Boultoniana, Soho’s UK tokens are to be found listed and, more importantly, many of them are illustrated in colour. Prices based on actual selling prices from recent years are quoted, which gives some indication of the popularity of the Soho pieces.

The big attraction of this 500 page book is the sheer quality and quantity of the information contained within it - a totally fascinating vision of social and numismatic history not easily found anywhere else.

THE TOKEN BOOK - 17th, 18th & 19th Century Tokens and their Values

By Paul & Bente R Withers

Published 2010 by Galata Print Ltd

ISBN 978-0-9543162-8-0